Possibilities Are Coming | Flugtag Boston 2016

  • Possibilities Are Coming

    Red Bull Flugtag Boston 2016 | Draper
  • Despite facing a fierce head-wind, "Possibilities Are Coming" placed 8th out of 29 teams.
  • Drapers summer interns entered into the Red Bull Flugtag Boston 2016. The project called upon collaboration with creatives and engineering experts to both design, build and promote Drapers team named, "Possibilities Are Coming" inspired by Game of Thrones.

    While Industrial Designers, Interns, and Engineers took the lead on the glider, Graphic Designers assisted on the promotional materials leading up to the event, to build moral and support from the company and the intern's colleges. After the event, a small display was created to showcase the dedication, effort and engineering behind "Possibilities Are Coming".