Autonomous Vehicle Summit 2018

  • Autonomous Vehicle Summit

    Networking Reception Display | Draper, 2018

    Debuting at the reception of the 2018 Autonomous Vehicle Summit, this installation showcased three company technologies as applicable solutions for self-driving cars. The design maximizes the viewing area, allowing ample space for attendees to engage with stationed Subject Matter Experts (SME's) and each of the pieces on display.

    For this project I was the lead designer, and collaborated with engineers and copywriters to understand the event audience and the technologies being highlighted. This aided in the selection of statistics, imagery, hardware and the creation of an infographic to compare a company technology to an industry standard.

    The viewing space was new to the building and could not accommodate a free standing display. The design required the creation of a custom template for installation of adhesive vinyl and careful adjustments to the content for seamless flow across surface gaps and around corners.