Hack The Moon Live, 2019

  • Draper, 2019

    Hack the Moon Live was a 6 month long interactive exhibit created as a real-life interpretation of the wehackthemoon.com website. A site built to commemorate the Draper Engineers whom collaborated to build the Guidance and Navigation System for the Apollo Missions.

    The scale of this project required massive research and collaboration with colleagues as well as with engineers, company partners, and vendors.

    My contributions to this project took shape in the public advertisements and give away items for the exhibit. This included digital and print graphics on public transit and social media, postcards, ChromaDepth® 3D glasses and a set of 20 large posters featuring a selection of engineers. I also preformed typography checks throughout the exhibit and assisted in color corrections of images for visibility of the 3D effects. Additionally, I recreated historic documents for display, by researching and sourcing images and materials from the time period for the most accurate representation.