The Funny, The Fascinating, & The Future

  • There is no reason for anyone to be forced into reading something so dry they can feel the desert heat as they slough through endless lines of text, desperately in search of a nice, refreshing break of white space. The importance in learning as much as possible to better understand and use a medium has always been emphasized as a key point in learning a new skill. But why should a person have
    to suffer through the material in order to learn?
  • For that reason, the following ten articles are on topics that I found entertaining to read and easy to understand.The Funny, the Fascinating, & the Future is a collection of articles taken from design sources that provide an insight into typographic situations I found to be funny, fascinating, and about the future of typography.
  • This book consists of three parts, starting with the relatable and ending with the thought provoking. The first few describe situations I would never really look twice at, but are written in a way that perfectly describes their presence in society, and the problems that surround them in a light hearted manner. The next are slightly historical, written about topics new and interesting to me, and provided a different perspective into the history of language. Finally, the last three articles describe a use in typography way beyond the traditional, breaking the flat, two dimensional, white piece of paper into the worlds of music and activism that made me wonder what else the future holds for the world of typography. 
  • Below are the chapter openers and some sample pages