• Achieve Fitness, a gym in Somerville Massachusetts, is on a mission to bring inclusivity and positive vibes to the fitness space. 

    The founders, Lauren & Jason Pak, alongside an incredible team of coaches and community members, have built a warm, welcoming, supportive, and positive space where anybody & everybody & every body are welcome.

    Achieve Fitness recently went through a space refresh led by Joe The Architect, as well as a brand refresh and series of murals that I created in collaboration with Chris Milne.
    Chris created a bunch of copy options and phrases for the murals — one of which resonated with Lauren & Jason so much that it is now their new tagline: “Sweat out. Happiness in.”

    Equipped with this new tagline, we got down to work on their new branding. We created a flexible system for the multiple branches of their business (Achieve Fitness, Achieve Online, Achieve Mentors). We wanted to keep things feeling modern, inviting / un-intimidating, and friendly to match the Achieve values.

    I also designed and painted a series of positive murals on over 1000 sq ft of wall space for the phrases that Chris came up with.

    Copy Writing & Creative Collaborator: Chris Milne | chrismilnecopywriter.com
    Architecture: Joe The Architect | https://joethearchitect.com/