Daily Logo Challenge

  • Daily Logo Challenge
  • To sharpen my logo design skills, I participated in the Daily Logo Challenge for 30 days (1 month).  Every day I was sent a new prompt to work off of.

    It ended up being a real learning experience for me! Being forced to work fast helped streamline my workflow, and I didn't focus on absolute perfection for every single day. I was free to focus on concepts and ideas over technical perfection in these logos.
  • All logos in black & white.
  • All logos in original colors.
  • Highlights
  • Logo for a granola company with a target audience of cannabis users.
  • Logo for a national park. (Cape Cod National Seashore, a place I'd just visited.)
  • Logo for a music streaming service. Target audience is indie music artists and listeners, as opposed to the very corporate Apple Music and Spotify. The handmade quality of the logo hints at it's independent audience.
  • Logo for a hot yoga studio. (Prompt: flame logo)
  • Logo for a cupcake bakery.
  • Process
  • Some excerpts from my sketchbook when I was brainstorming these logos.