Slam Poem

  • Slam Poem: What I’ve Never Said

    It’s always my fault. Everything I say, you comment that I already said that before. All the things that I do, you say I’m harming you in any and every way. You say I’m the problem and that I cause your anxiety. You also say I don’t care about you. That I don’t give a damn about how you’re feeling. That I don’t care about your panic attacks, and I am certainly too oblivious to you’re sarcastic comebacks. I guess you forgot about the four years of me asking you if I can help. The long nights of asking how I can calm you down but you still say I can’t do anything to help. You tell our friends all of the lies about why I am horrible and how I’ve torn you down. By blaming me, you’ve ignored the fact its your own fault and said I need to be a “better me.” I don’t cause your problems you just convinced yourself I am the enemy. In the blink of an eye, you say how we’re best friends to how you’re done with me. But I guess I’ll just stay silent, and let your words eat me alive, acting like nothing had ever happened.