• Perfection

    Perfection: “the condition, state, or quality of being free from all flaws or defects.” Google’s definition of perfection is the polite way to say all people have flaws. Society believes in perfection, but what truly is that ideal state of being? Is it all about physical attributes, or can an unflawed mind be classified as well? I see perfection as depending on personal morals, personality, lifestyle, and/or where one stands in his or her life, or those attributes can at least contribute to their ideal perfection. 
    Not being perfect can have a positive effect on humans, as it leaves room for improvement. My perception of perfection is the desire to be the best form of myself. Everyday we should try to find that perfection, knowing you make a difference. Most humans naturally want to be good people. That self-reward of goodness motivates me to always reach for a goal of self worth. But as a result of not reaching that perfection, there is a gap. 
    The most challenging part of not reaching your full potential is finding the motivation to continue. Almost everyday I tell myself to plan ahead and get my assignments done for school or scheduling when I have to go to the gym during the week. As an organized perfectionist, I love the feeling of accomplishing my priorities and finding myself being content about everything in my life. 
    Often when I see people struggling with their life, (most often in fictional TV shows), I think to myself, “They just need to get up and do that essay/apply for a job/be nicer to their family. Why don’t they even try?” It’s not one of the nicest thoughts I’ve had, but it’s reoccurring. After that thought, I suggest to myself their possible conditions, such as not having the money or not knowing where to start to be on a better path. I forget how tough it is to be successful without the tools and luxuries I’m lucky to have. 
    Backtracking, I don’t believe there is one type of perfection that concentrates on physical attractiveness. Humans want to be perfect, even though we can’t, but we still try because we think there is a better form of ourselves somewhere. Some can lose themselves and not end up where they thought they wanted to be. Others, like myself, always attempt to reach the ultimate unique goal of perfection.