• GitHubDesigned
    Multi-Platform Redesign

    GitHub is a version control software that allows developers, designers, and other team members to upload, save changes to, and collaborate on various files. Current problems with GitHub's design include an inconsistent design across platforms, difficulty in clarity (especially for new users), and the necessity to work across platforms to achieve singular goals. The redesign aims to fix these problems and make GitHub more accessible to new users via design.

    The most prominent obstacle for this project was clarity to new users. Drafts were continuously tested by users who had never experienced GitHub or version control software, and edited to improve their use.

    In GitHub Designed, the overall visual branding of GitHub is made more succinct across all platforms. Each platform has a specific functionality: web is used for downloads and purchases, desktop is used to upload files and collaborate, and mobile is used to chat and submit file changes on the go.

    Designed in Sketch. Animated in Principal.