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    A Packaging System for a Philanthropic Farm with a Transcendental Frame of Mind

    Watson Farms, located in the heart of Concord MA has been the home of fresh produce, local milks, and beautiful baked goods since the early 1800s, when the Watson family settled in quaint Concord, Massachusetts. Over the years the Watson family became highly involved in the transcendentalist movement, a movement centered in the beliefs that people are inherently good. Developed in the heart of New England, transcendentalism found its home among the great intellects of Concord and Cambridge, some of these being the men and women of the Watson family.

    Based in the idea that humans are created good, Watson farms developed an opportunity to share the fruits of their labor and began a long lasting connection with the Harvard Homeless Shelter in Cambridge, Massachusetts. On the same ideas the transcendentalists created in the early 1800s, the Watson family began to donate all proceeds from the pies to the HHS. 
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