• CultureTrip

    CultureTrip is a mock independent magazine combining counterculture with travel; the above issue discusses alternative culture in England. The target audience includes twenty-somethings interested in an indie lifestyle.

    The visual design was all about keeping things neat and modern, but with subtle twists. Layout is visually neat, but typographic choices (such as bold kerning) set CultureTrip apart. Images have been color balanced and have grain, giving the magazine a gritty texture. 

    Each feature is designed to its content. "No War But Class War," an article about punk in middle class Britain, keeps the scrappy look and angsty, hopeless emotions of the period in the design without getting cliche. Spray painted Baskerville in the title and pull quotes comment on the degradation of classic Britain. Meanwhile, "Weird World," a feature about comedian Noel Fielding, combines collages, warped pull quotes, experimental typefaces, and inconsistent column widths to speak to the surreal nature of his work. 

    Designed with Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.