Summer's Eve Brand Refresh

  • Summer's Eve Brand Refresh
    To refresh Summer’s Eve I wanted to center the brand mission around the fact that using these products is a personal choice. It is something that some feel is unnecessary, but other’s may use every day. I also want it to be for anyone who may want to wash their intimate area, regardless of gender identity. 
    One thing that was important to me was changing the tag line from “Start fresh, Stay fresh” to “Positively Personal”. This let’s a consumer know that these products are for an intimate area and using them is a personal choice. Along with changing the tag line, I changed the names of the scents. Some of the original scents names use alliteration, which inspired me to create my names. The new scents are Perfectly Peach, Resilient Rose and Upliftingly Unscented. 
    The reason I wanted to change the names of the scents was because the current names are a little offensive. For example “Naturally Normal” is a scent that might make a consumer think they aren’t normal unless they use these products, which is not my vision. 
    Some of the language used in the current Summer’s Eve branding didn’t sit well with me. The body text describes the product as catering to a woman’s most intimate parts. I changed the word “woman” to “your” to make it inclusive to all people. 
    Another thing I changed was the imagery. I painted images of fruits and flowers that look like vaginas in bright, friendly colors. This is a lot different than their current brand, which is plain and dull.