MassArt WebAdvisor Website Redesign

  • The MassArt WebAdvisor portal, also known as “Da Vinci”, is a website that is crucial to the everyday student. It is here where you can find student information, your class schedule, as well as register for classes. It is currently very hard to get around and not designed at all. In class, we were assigned to recreate the interface, in a more user-friendly, design focused way.

    For my redesign of DaVinci I decided to add some new features like schedule with upcoming homework assignments, calendar with events on campus, and your meetings. On Program Evaluation page you are able to check the amount of credits you have and how many you still need to earn. You can also see your grades from past semesters.  You can preselect your classes for next semester and register when the time comes.
    If you select on one of the highlighted requirements for the upcoming semester, you will see all the classes can fulfill that specific requirement, and you can just save it for later.