Lemon Recipe Cards and Packaging

  • When Life
    Gives You Lemons
    I was given 10 lemon based recipes to re-design, and to also design a packaging solution
    to hold them as a set. My packaging is designed to hold each recipe in protective sleeves so they do not
    get messy as you cook in the kitchen. They rotate around a centerpoint, which is removable
    to allow the user to hold the set of recipes as a book. The lemon base of the packaging also functions as a cutting board in the kitchen. The bottom of the board is equipt with rubber feet so it does not slide
    around on slippery counter surfaces!
  • Back and front designs of each recipe card.
  • Handcut 5x7 binder sleeves to hold the set of recipe cards as a flip
    book, and prevent the cards from getting messy in the kitchen.
  • My handcut base out of wood, which I crafted and hand painted to resemble a lemon.
  • A side view of the lemon base.
  • The full design of my recipe card holder. Making it easy to flip through the cards and find your desired recipe. 
  • Each card is easily removable from the sleeves, but there is no need to remove them, just simply
    remove the pole from the center of the base, and you can keep the cards in the protective booklet.
  • Top view of my recipe card holder.