100 White Sneakers Infographic

  • How do you decide which pair of shoes to buy when there are so many options to choose from? Whenever I want to buy a new pair of shoes, I always go through a process to find the perfect shoes. By going to one of my favorite websites, Zappos.com, and searching results for “white sneakers”, I took the first 100 results and found which ones I would and would not potentially buy. By categorizing each pair by personal visual appeal and affordability, I would be able to narrow down which pairs were the most favorable out of the 100.
  • One of the 100 white sneaker illustrations along with some information given: brand name, name of shoe, price, and the circle, which has two halves that are different colors. These colors can be referred to in the key. 
  • The infographic is organized in an x/y format.
  • The x-axis is organized by personal preference and ranking of the sneakers. They are grouped two ways. First, each shoe is put into a ranking system of 1 to 10 hearts, 1 being the least favorable and 10 being the most. Then there is an overall ranking system that broadens the ranking not by number of hearts given but by how likely I would purchase the pair of sneakers. This is indicated above the hearts with a thumbs up, sideways thumb, and thumbs down. 
  • The y-axis is organized by price and affordability. This affects the likeliness of buying a pair of shoes along with other factors. 
  • Under each shoe illustration in the infographic there is a circle consisting of two semicircles that allude to the shoe's brand and what country they originate from and where they are manufactured.
  • The entire infographic is divided into sections. The different colors indicate which shoes are most likely to be bought by me based off of the factors on the x and y-axis.