Audrey Higginson is a pen pal I have had for about a year. She is a wonderful poet and I had always wanted to illustrate her work, so I requested for her to pick some to send to me. These are the results. 
  • ARTISTRY (2018) Watercolor, ink and type
    I simply spill the words in my ead onto the paper in front of me
    and there is something unique enough about it that makes it sound like poetry.
    I just feel it and it happens. 
    Is that artistry?
  • HER (2018) Watercolor and type
    A vision of pink
    the swift seduction of spring
    as sweet as a rose. 
  • MOON (2018) Watercolor and type
    The night settles soft as the rain falls to sleep.
    a warmth like no new grace descends upon my eyes.
    you are a moon away as I tuck my thoughts away until dawn and you do the same. 
  • HUMAN NATURE (2018) Watercolor and type
    I see people how they essentially are and that is
    and love
    and poor character traits
    and misguided decisions
    and ugly hair 
    and bad clothes
    and crooked teeth
    and I know that I can love them
    but I would much rather ignore them 
    than risk hating them

  • WEEP (2018) watercolor and type
    We used to weep like hope
    and now we love like sadness.
  • BLOOM (2018) Watercolor and type
    I am blooming from within and life is shining from without
  • US (2018) Watercolor and type
    I want us to be packaged up like a gift
    breathe in your hair and breathe out your skin
    I want you to touch me like you used to 
    except this time maybe I would touch you back
    because I am no longer afraid
    I no longer want us both to die and go to heaven where we can find peace
    I have found peace and it was in you eyes
    and your mouth
    and the way you wanted me 
    so I am asking on e more time if I can have you but I will never open my lips