• A Tribeca bistro that doesn’t try too hard to be French, Frenchette is the lovechild of former Balthazar chefs Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson. Despite their impressive pedigree, this duo doesn't take themselves too seriously and neither does the design. Inspired by the effortless sophistication of Parisian café society and the retro glam of the Springs Collective interiors, the identity is a modern interpretation of a traditional brasserie. Its sense of nostalgia is countered by a subtle irony befitting the chefs' approach. With jaunty typography and a Citroën mint green color palette, it echoes the joie de vivre of their declaration, “forget art, let’s cook.”
  • With rave reviews and a buzzy atmosphere, Frenchette is set to become a new classic. So join the throngs lining up at 5pm in the hopes of getting a table. We’ll see you there.