Rise by We

  • An uplifting brand for WeWork’s latest venture.
  • Our busy working lives—with free snacks and long hours—can sabotage our best attempts at personal well-being. With its expanding network of coworking spaces in 50 cities around the globe, WeWork is in a unique position to change that. Rise is it’s newest venture: a forward-thinking wellness club with a social vibe and a holistic approach. 
  • Based in WeWork’s Wall Street location, the Rise studios offer everything from intense cardio to mellow meditation. The wayfinding system maintains the energetic geometry of the logo.
  • The coed “superspa” at Rise is a modern take on the ancient tradition of the bathhouse—best experienced at a leisurely pace, with friends (and without cell phones). We created a signage system with materials that harmonize with the interiors, and copy that guides and engages, like a spa sherpa.
  • The brand extends to the café packaging, with a color-coded system for members looking to refuel, revive, or focus.