• In Dark Skin - A multi-media installation
  • The installation is called In Dark Skin. It addresses the complexities of raising a black male in America, through the eyes of a mother. It answers the mystery, and points to historical explanations as to why mothers of black boys tend to be hyper-protective of their sons.
    The work features a life-sized sculpture of a mother holding up a fractured, then repaired shield in one hand.  This represents generational wear and tear. With her other hand, she snatches her significantly larger son up and out of harms way. 

    The collage features original song and word by Artisan Lisa Lee of Boston. Each represents societal hazards that endanger the black male [Systems designed to destroy black boys, teachers lacking cultural proficiency, police brutality, etc.] This work functions as a stand-alone art piece, as well as a tool for cultural proficiency.

    Special thanks to the following contributors to this work: Antony Flackett, Dana Moser, DQuest, Elliot Williams, Isaiah Fernandes, Michael Flowers, Matthew Hincman and Jared Pitts.  Some images are courtesy of Google Images and Youtube.