#63-84: A Newbie's Guide To Adobe MAX

  • I recently got the opportunity to write an article for Adobe Create Magazine about my trip to Adobe MAX last year. It's a guide for first-timers from the perspective of a former first-timer, and I also wrote an accompanying article on my drawing process for the illustration. 
  • Vector drawing started in Adobe Draw on my iPad Pro with my Apple Pencil, then finished in Adobe Illustrator on my Wacom Cintiq. 
  • Below are a few process shots, but the good stuff is in the article. Seriously, check it out. I explain the whole process from start to finish and I geeked out pretty hard.
  • Things get fun when you examine the underlying structure. So many parts are solid black in outline mode, and selecting every shape is just nuts.
  • I couldn't have done this drawing without the help of my students and colleagues who served as models. Pictured below from left to right, top to bottom: Malik, Mattingly, Mattingly again, Alia, Rom, Lucas, Leilani, Neil, Gracie, Robbie, Frazier, Julian, Julian again, Edward, Blue, Julien, and Elektra.
  • Again, check out the articles on Adobe Create, and after that, consider signing up for Adobe MAX because it's an amazing experience. 
  • Thanks for the opportunity, Adobe. You rock my socks.