Character Designs for Superhero Web Comic

  • Here are some character designs for a children's web comic pilot about teenaged girls who discover that they have magical superpowers. There will be five main characters and at least one villain, and the girls will have to learn how to control their powers while keeping their identities secret at school and from their parents.
  • Dakota is the first to have her powers emerge. She eventually realizes that their powers won't be able to manifest outside of their bodies without an object to use as a vessel. As long as contact is maintained with the chosen object, the girls are able to use and refine their powers; otherwise, the energy is trapped inside of them with no outlet. Dakota chooses an old-fashioned aviator theme for her uniform because her powers are air related: wind, flight, and lightning. She uses a blue crystal to harness her magic.
  • To keep her secret from everyone else, Dakota dresses in very plain clothes and adopts a shy demeanor, trying to attract as little attention as possible. Since she doesn't know anyone else with powers at first, she wants to make sure that she doesn't hurt herself or others before she can learn to control them. But also, it's definitely a good day when literally no one tries to talk to her. People are kind of the worst.
  • Janelle doesn't have any connections in town until she discovers her powers. Her family just moved to town a few weeks before the start of the pilot, and while she is very outgoing, she has so far been unable to make any lasting friendships. However, when she meets Dakota and they learn of each others' powers, they become closer than sisters. Janelle's powers give her defensive skills such as a force field and perfect aim in combat, so her uniform is militaristic and sleek, with her magic manifesting in a patch and the bottoms of her boots.
  • As a contrast to her practical, utilitarian uniform, Janelle wears girly, fashionable clothing in her day to day life. She is always invested in her phone and is often seen at the mall shopping. She needs to find the PERFECT patch to sew into her uniform, of course! An ugly patch will never be acceptable to contain all of her magic, after all. Amidst fifty-seven other essential everyday makeup products in her purse, Janelle carries a multipurpose tool disguised as lipstick, in case of danger....or a beauty malfunction.
  • After three years of middle school hell, Amaris Aron wasn't expecting to gain any friends her freshman year, but the discovery of her powers leads her to four other girls going through the same thing she is! Although she is shaken at first and hesitant to use her powers, she learns that she can fly and turn invisible, and she is starting to be able to move objects with her mind if she concentrates hard enough. Amaris infuses her magic into the cape of her uniform, and it becomes a mirror of the celestial sky.
  • Amaris likes to dress in dark colors and heavy boots. Although she can use her powers to turn invisible, she likes to make a statement at school with her bold hair and nose ring. She is very tough and vocal about important issues, such as women's rights, vegetarianism, and the abolition of detention. 
  • Blaise Brant is the only senior in the group, and never thought that she would be spending so much time with freshman and sophomores so close to college. She is the last girl to discover her powers and join the group, when she accidentally causes a rowboat to capsize on the other side of the harbor by looking at it too hard during a yachting trip with her father. Since Blaise's powers are aquatic, she borrows her father's credit card and has a golden double-ended trident forged. She uses the trident to blast water at obstacles, and can also control the water around her with her hands. Blaise is immune to disease, as long as she stays hydrated - this usually involves $75 face masks. A hydrated face is a happy face, after all!
  • Blaise continues her aquatic theme in her day to day life with stylish beach wear, regardless of the season. After she joins the team, she continues to stay away from the other girls at school, because a sudden friendship with them might look suspicious. She has a soft spot for Amaris, though, and wishes she could be that vocal about activism. When she isn't at school or with the team, Blaise spends her time on her parents' house boat, applying to colleges while soaking in the hot tub or sauna.