Felipe's Taqueria Rebrand

  • Felipe's Taqueria Rebrand
    Graphic Design 2 2017

    Felipe's Taqueria is a made to order Mexican Restaurant located at the heart of Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their mission as a restaurant is to provide the most authentic Mexican Food possible; serving dishes such as Queso Fonido, tamale and other options that you are unable to find anywhere else. In addition to preparing authentic meals, Felipe's is known for its bars, located on the first floor as well as on the rooftop. Inspired by the moody, bar-like atmosphere, the youthful energy and college audience in Harvard Square, traditional Mexican signage, and artwork, the rebrand features a system of collage elements to reflect these ideas.The logomark itself is custom drawn to reflect the signage and typography found in Mexico, avoiding cliche's of a typical Mexican restaurant. The color palette uses a deep green, coming from the Mexican flag, as well as a muted shade of pink to contrast the green and to appeal to a younger audience.