Interactive Exhibit Component Photos

  • Pattern Wall -
    Vinyl covered foam tetrahedrons are used to create patterns and images in a laser-cut plywood panel.
  • Growth Pattern-
    Yellow plastic lumber stem sections can be stacked alternating with laser-cut HDPE leaves in an exploration of the leaf arrays of plants.
  • Prototype for an over-sized kaleidoscope. Colored objects are loaded into the clear-sided barrel,which is then spun by hand, and the shifting patterns are observed through the three-sided mirror chamber.
  • View looking inside the mirror chamber of the kaleidoscope prototype.
  • Pulley activity-
    Different pulley configurations are used to help visitors lift groups of three bowling balls, illustrating the relationship between effort and distance.
  • Lever activity-
    Visitors use foam-wrapped weights, a carpeted platform on a fulcrum, and their own bodies to explore the  mechanical advantage of a lever.