• Our Muddy River
    A Community Campaign

    The Muddy River Restoration Project has tremendous potential as a catalyst for collective action in behalf of a vital, rejuvenated urban waterway. Reflecting Frederick Law Olmsted’s vision of the designed landscape as both an individual inalienable right and source of inclusive inspiration for the community, the phased revitalization of the Muddy River represents an imperative for future progress. Our objective was to build a campaign to spotlight the transforming Muddy River, celebrate its revitalization and enlist the community to protect its future. Develop a core thematic proposition (rallying slogan), integrated messaging components, logo and unifying graphic elements, all of which would constitute the campaign brand. 

    The central rallying proposition conveyed that the campaign for the Muddy River:
       ·  Matters personally, so that individual involvement, like civic responsibility, becomes a wearable talking point.
       ·  Cuts across all constituent groups.
       ·  Can be embraced/engaged in simple, memorable terms.
       ·  Encompasses several levels of meaning, demanding deeper consideration.
       ·  Immediacy and vastness are both parts of the message.
       ·  Brings joyous participation back to the Muddy River.
       ·  Capitalizes on the delightfully non-grandiose name “Muddy River.” 
       ·  Elevates “muddy” to a quality, worthy of respect and stewardship.
       ·  Speaks directly of “the Muddy,” bestowing familiarity and importance.
       ·  Asks the question, “How can I?” (and What about you?).
       ·  Gains depth and momentum, as participants and partners join in.

    Muddy River cake by Oakleaf Bakery   |   Newsletter design by Marianne Schoucair
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