Life of Samuel Edgar Lowry Book Reissuing

  • The Life  of Samuel Edgar Lowry & The Story of the North Village Church: Second Edition Book Redesign

  • In order to celebrate the anniversary of Evangelical Baptist Church in Newton MA, a redesign was issued by the church of an old piece of literature- a 1950s biography of the founder of the church that built where Evangelical Baptist Church is located. Before the second edition of this book was created, only two known copies were known to have existed. Below is a PDF of the original version of the book: 
  • New chapters were added, and new photographs were taken by members of Evangelical Baptist Church. Illustrations were also added to capture the style of the gothic revival church building.  The result was a 44 page deliverable as a gift to the members of Evangelical Baptist Church. 
  • Thanks is to be given to all the people who helped me create this book: Pastor Colin Landry, Matthew Sullivan, Shane Colledge, and Amenda Wong.