King Louis XIV Fancy Goldfish

  • Acrylic and Watercolor on Wood
    16" x 20"

    King Louis XIV Fancy Goldfish
    Bred By: Grover S. Cleveland III

       When notified about The Cultivated Critter’s contest, renown goldfish breeder Grover S. Cleveland IV sought to create something exceptional. Cleveland stated, “It was time to create the fanciest fancy goldfish known to man. I threw modesty out the window and crafted something bold, something unique, something never seen before. Thus the King Louis XIV Fancy Goldfish was born”. Cleveland’s words perfectly describe the fish. The King Louis XIV Fancy Goldfish hardly resembles a goldfish at all; instead it seems as if it was plucked from a Rococo themed coral reef from another universe. The fish is pink and white, has a lengthy body, and an enormous bulbous wen on its head and stomach loosely resembling a powdered wig. The King Louis XIV Fancy Goldfish was bred by meticulously combining the DNA of three fish species. To achieve King Louis XIV’s unique shape, koi fish DNA was injected into an embryo of a Sarasa Comet Goldfish. Several hours later, Cleveland infused the developing fish with the genes that produce the Lionhead Goldfish’s wen. The wen of the first King Louis XIV Fancy Goldfish was much smaller than the fish photographed. However, the fish’s short breeding period allowed Cleveland to selectively breed the fish until the desired traits were achieved. 
         The King Louis XIV Fancy Goldfish is a difficult fish to care for, and is not recommended for beginners. The fish is large, and requires a 75 gallon freshwater tank. The water should have a Ph between 6.8 to 7.2. The fish’s wen may become stuck, so large accessories in the tank should be avoided. As with the Oranda and Lionhead variety of goldfish, King Louis XIV’s wen must be trimmed to prevent overgrowth and blindness. Remember to proceed carefully, and to tranquilize the fish before trimming to prevent injury. The King Louis XIV Fancy Goldfish is a notoriously picky eater similar to its human counterpart. The fish will only eat fresh chopped vegetables, and minced sardines. It is important to feed the fish regularly, but not too often. King Louis XIV has difficulty swimming due to its short dorsal fin, you must artificially create a current in the tank to give the fish the illusion that it’s swimming. The King Louis XIV Fancy Goldfish is a beautiful specimen, and will provide much joy to the owner. If you are up for the task, the King Louis XIV Fancy Goldfish is well worth the effort.