Tie Dye Rabbits

  • Acrylic and Watercolor on Wood
    16" x 20"

    Tie Dye Rabbits
    Bred By: Franklin Pierce Pigments 

         Franklin Pierce Pigments is a paint company that has been in business since Franklin Pierce’s second year in office. They offer a wide array of pigments for their water-soluble oil and gouache paints. Franklin Pierce Pigments was one of three companies to enter The Cultivated Critter’s Competition. While other companies feel flat, Franklin Pierce Pigments’ Tie Dye Rabbits dazzled the judges. We asked the company’s owner what inspired him to enter The Cultivated Critter’s competition, he replied, “Her at Franklin Pierce Pigments we are not afraid to think outside of the box. We may be a paint company, but does that mean we cannot venture into other industries? Of course not! This competition provided us with a chance to show that Franklin Pierce Pigments is more than just a paint company. We are a trusted brand that has the ability to create a multitude of new and unique products. This philosophy led us to create the Tie Dye Rabbit. We wanted to offer pet owners a colorful animal that resembles their favorite childhood stuffed rabbit. We believe the Tie Dye Rabbit will showcase science’s potential in improving pets”. The development of the Tie Dye Rabbit began five years ago. Franklin Pierce Pigments hired a team of geneticist, and constructed a laboratory in their headquarters. The geneticists used a controversial gene editing technique known as CRISPR to create the rabbits. Genetic material that allows rabbits to produce colorful fur coats was added to a mother’s DNA. The DNA was passed down to the next generation of rabbits, and the added trait appeared in some offspring. The second-generation rabbits with brightly pigmented fur were then bred with each other. This process was repeated until the majority of offspring had the desired coloring. Due to rabbits fertility and short gestation period, Franklin Pierce Pigments was able to create a line of colorful rabbits in five years time. 
         The Tie Dye Rabbit requires the same treatment as an ordinary rabbit. The Tie Dye Rabbit is large and needs a spacious cage, plenty of rabbit feed, and time to walk around. Like other lagomorphs, the Tie Dye Rabbit endlessly chews with its large incisors. It may gnaw through wood cabinets and other household items. Under no means should the Tie Dye Rabbit be allowed outside. Its bright coat makes the rabbit easily visible, and this will attract predators. Although the lack of outdoors may aggravate your rabbit, it’s best to be safe. If your rabbit seems depressed try to simulate the outdoors in the rabbit’s habitat. Since a foreign gene was introduced to the rabbit’s DNA, the Tie Dye Rabbit is susceptible to disease and mutations. It is important to take your rabbit to six veterinary check ups a year. This will improve your rabbit’s wellbeing and longevity. The Tie Dye Rabbit is a friendly animal that will bring joy to its owners. If cared for properly, this living stuffed animal will be a part of your home for years to come.