Motion Graphics Portfolio: Reel & Highlighted Projects

  • Motion Graphics Portfolio: Reel & Highlighted Projects
  • Title to my 2018 Reel: Created in 1 day. An experiment in animating typography and creating a visually creative and eye catching title sequence to my reel.
  • Google Loading Screen animation: Created in one day. I wanted to experiment with Google's Motion design rules and logo animation to make a loading screen visually appealing to the user.
  • Mock up of a travel app: I wanted to create a mock up of a travel app so I could practice motion design, transitions and UX design layouts. All assets, except for the photos, were created by me.
  • TB12 Logo Animation: created in 5 hours, most of the time was spent experimenting on how to successfully animate a famous logo in a way that is fitting for what it represents. The glowing red animated borders were supposed to represent speed, passion and action. I added the three important points of the company before the logo to create a full Instagram ad bumper. Created for personal experimentation only.
  • MilkJugz Chindogu Project: Created in ~7 days. My first experiment in Motion Graphics with a school assignment. We had to create an invention that would help us in everyday life, then create a commercial for it. 
  • Chloes Pops Ad: Created in ~2 days. Most of the time was spent on the logo animation that I personally created in Adobe Animate, then on the design of the popsicle which I created many different versions of then on the rest of the designs. This was my first experiment with creating a commercial of a well known product and trying to create fitting designs that represent the product correctly.
  • Catch Santa's Sleigh: Created in one day. I had an idea for an 8 bit motion graphics fake video game and thought it would look even cooler and more fitting if the 8 bit looked like a knitted game instead. Had to design and redesign a lot of assets to fit in the knitted game since the knitted design would warp the features.
  • "Mindy Project" Title Sequence Homework: Created in two days. My second time using Motion Graphics, one day was spent on design and the other was spent on animation. I have plans to revise the second half of this project since I ran out of time and was a little too ambitious in the very short time given.