#44: Vectors Forever

  • A student recently dared me to do an assignment alongside the class, so I took on the Heraldry project. I challenge students to choose a group that they'd consider "their people" - friends, family, neighborhood, heritage, faith, fandom, Meyers-Briggs type, people with the same dominant hand, etc. and make an emblem to represent what they're all about. 

    I tried to stick to the project requirements. I really did, but it went a little bit sideways and became more of a self portrait. Sometimes the work wants to be what it wants to be.
  • Vector drawing in Adobe Draw with my Apple Pencil and Adobe Illustrator with my Wacom Cintiq.
  • Other than the drawing of me and the icons for Adobe Draw and Adobe Illustrator, the entire piece is made up of bits of old drawings - I tweaked the size, arrangement, and colors of all of them to make something new. The banners are a nod to my signature in my art emails. Getting everything to work well together was crazy challenging, but I think the fight was good for me. Plus, picking through my old work and seeing the horrifying mistakes I made a few years back was a nice reminder of how far I've come.
  • Progress shots. This drawing was a terrible slog. I don't think I've fought with a drawing this much in years, but I think I finally won.
  • Shapes and Outlines. This drawing has upwards of 400K shapes, and it takes me a solid three minutes to save it whenever I make changes. 
  • One student asked to see my layers while the piece was still in Adobe Draw. We agreed that it would make a neat animation.
  • ​​​​​​​
    Shared by Illustrator on social media, January 2018. Thanks Adobe!
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