• Nishmat at The Claremont Colleges
    Brand Identity 

    The dynamic new spiritual community at the Claremont Colleges has adopted the name NISHMAT to honor and celebrate a treasured, traditional prayer of self-discovery, the essential breath of life. The expression of reverential engagement as individuals within communities is central to the organization’s mission; members boldly affirm Judaism’s inherent embrace of justice and joy. The breath of life—and the responsibilities it carries—will manifest in members’ acts of resistance, ritual practice, service to others, song, dance and, both within and outside the college environment, purposeful collaborations. NISHMAT breath of life also reaches out as a call for others in an ever-widening community to join in.

    NISHMAT’s new logo conveys these aspects:
       ·  blend of traditional with youthful, active
       ·  embodiment of sacred values within current contexts
       ·  growth, both personal and communal
       ·  organic, natural
       ·  optimistic, appreciative
       ·  whole/encompassing and warmly inviting
       ·  important

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