Innocence Project Ad Campaign - Fall 2017

  • The Innocence Project is a non-profit organization started in 1992 to help exonerate the wrongly convicted through the now advanced DNA testing that wasn't available before.They also hope to bring reform to the justice system that failed these people. Over the years, The Innocence Project has been able to help 351 former convicts from prison, a handful of which were on death row.

    This proposed ad campaign focuses on the statistic that 71% of the 351 people wrongly convicted were imprisoned due to eyewitness testimonies as key evidence. Based on numerous studies, eyewitness testimonies can be extremely inaccurate because of human error and memory bias. These posters engage any random viewer (as that is what an eyewitness is) to test their memory and inform them of the problem/what they can do to help.
  • Walking down the street, a person is presented with an image that isn't immediately engaging, with no text. Further along, they are then presented with a poster that asks the question, "How many shoes were yellow?"
  • A large billboard digitally transitions from another image to the poster presenting another question, "Who was wearing a watch?"
  • On a subway train, someone looks out the window at a station to see the image. Then, at a following station, they are presented with the poster and question, "What color were their eyes?"