Catch Santa's Sleigh: Knit Pattern Game

  • Planning in Photoshop
  • Planning what the video game will look like and designing the obstacles in a photoshop sketch.
  • Creating Assets in Illustrator
  • I imported the photoshop sketch into Illustrator to make all the assets. Everything was completely separated on different layers and later parented to the object that it would move with (for example, the chimney was parented to the roof and the fire parented to the chimney). I later changed some assets because the knit pattern only liked big chunky patterns (I switched out snowflakes for christmas trees and the numbers for very distinct numbers that held with the knit pattern)
  • Animating & creating the knit pattern in Adobe After Effects
  • Everything was tested in the knit pattern before exporting. I made changes to the walk cycle and a lot of the movements because the movements and legs would be lost in the knit pattern at certain points.