Zone & Co

  • The Netsuite Consultancy
  • Zone & Co. is a software consultancy with several offices across the country. Their speciality is using Netsuite, an all-in-one business management suite platform, to solve various problems for businesses of all sizes. Upon consulting with known.creative, Zone & Co. had been around since 2012, yet the brand itself hadn't taken off. Additionally, upon looking at the competition, it seemed that the market was fairly saturated but with companies that looked & sounded the same.

    After a highly diligent research & discovery phase, it was clear that Zone & Co. needed to be positioned as "the" sole Netsuite service providers, to be so close to Netsuite that it's as if they were part of it. It was there that known.creative set off to create an entirely new brand identity and website experience for theĀ