• Travel Polska Campaign
    Poster Design, Information Architecture

    Polska Podróż or Travel Polska is an advertising campaign for PolRail,
    a national Polish railway, in order to promote travel within Poland
    and celebrate its historical cities. Inspired by early Polish poster art
    beginning in the 1890’s, each poster features a major Polish city
    and its corresponding, reinterpreted coat of arms. Posters also feature
    historical information, translated in both Polish and English,
    describing the unique coat of arms associated with each city.
  • “Jugendstil, Secession, Japanism and modernist styles like Cubism were mixed with traditional elements of symbolism and national folklore. What set the Polish posters apart from their European counterparts was the emphasis placed on the highly artistic quality of the project, an attitude that will continue to characterize the Polish poster throughout the 20th century.”
    Source: “The Legacy Of Polish Poster Design” by Andrea Austoni for Smashing Magazine.
  • PolRail timetables, designed in both Polish and English, provide
    railway stops and schedules, available services, and contact information.
  • Poster highlighting Warsaw featured on bus stop in Poland.