When Life Gives you Lemons

  • When Life Gives you Lemons 
    Typography 2 Spring 2017

    For this project, we were assigned to take 10 lemon recipes given by our professor, typeset them, and create a unique concept with a complimenting packaging solution to hold the cards. 

  • I decided to photograph lemons and create varying compositions for the backs of the cards. I wanted to create a bold and energetic feeling to my cards appose to the crafty, illustrative concepts typically seen with alot of recipe cards. I used numbers to connect the cards as a whole set, rather than single recipes. 
  • Closeup of the backs of the cards. 
  • For the typeset part of the cards, I decided to use a  two column grid with the ingredients on the left column and the recipe instructions on the right. For my type choices, I wanted to give the recipe cards character and boldness to pair with my photography. 
  • For my packaging solution, I wanted to make a box that contrasted the bright yellow cards on the inside. I achieved this by almost inverting my color scheme, so that when you open the box, it creates a sense of surprise and boldness that is unexpected.