Boston Boxed Bread

  • Boston Boxed Bread is a fictional bread company that transports their loaves in a recyclable box, in an effort to minimize the environmental impact of their company.

    The visual system I created uses a series of emoticon-style characters with different expressions to represent each of the four types of bread they produce. This system is designed to be expandable and dynamic, connecting different emotions with different types of bread. This logo also serves as a company mascot, which is a first in the bread market.

    The boxes are designed to be easily stacked, maximizing the amount of product that can be fit into supermarket displays. The overall brand is meant to create a sense of joy in the viewer, both because their product is delicious and because they are helping to support environmentally friendly initiatives.
  • Stationary Visual System
  • Business Card Visual System
  • Bread Box Mockup
  • Branding Style Guide