Womb Shelter

  • The womb shelter was created as an exploration of materials, process, and space. The structure creates an intimate and safe space using plastic sheeting, clamp lights, and a box fan - elements that are generally cold and sterile - combined with objects from my childhood.

    The womb shelter was included in the exhibition Body Language at the Dorchester Art Projects 

  • A soldering iron was used to melt together sheets of plastic to create the basic form of the womb
  • Two layers of plastic sheeting were used to create the interior and exterior structure of the womb. They were then attached to each other to create the bulbous form.

  • The final womb is inflated using a box fan and lit with pink tinted lights from the interior. To get inside one simply lifts the womb and crawls inside of it. It's made to accommodate 2-3 people.
  • Panoramic view of the inside of the womb.

    The inside of the womb shelter is outfitted with a soft blanket that belonged to my mother, stuffed animals, and books from my childhood. These objects function to make the space feel comfortable for anyone while staying personal and intimate.

    A recording of my mother reading a page from my great grandmothers journal about me as a child was playing while people visited the womb shelter..
  • GIFs from inside the womb!