Eye Love Hydrangeas!

  • Sketch 1: Was really trying to get a feel for the plant, trying to figure out what about it could look like a caricature. The original plan was to go bird like if you can tell from the top left image. But it never sat right and instead a many eyed figure became the final idea instead.
  • Sketch 2: Trying to really get a feel for the plant rather than the concept.Colors as well as sketches aided in pinning down the "plantness" of my creature. (An additional sketch of me as a child that ended up on the page by accident which I rolled with.)
  • Blue pencil sketch: the finalized idea of what I wanted to do before I cleaned it up and made it pretty. The rough draft before the final which was done in my sketchbook.
  • Lineart: the cleaned up final draft of my piece. Made permanent lines on a sheet of tracing paper to get the finalized lineart I wanted. My sketchbook sketch was too small for the size I wanted to work with so I scanned it, cleaned it up in photoshop, lowered the opacity, and printed it on watercolor paper (18x24) and painted on that instead. It came out beautifully and I may do this again in the future.
  • Just a little bit of me working on it. Added music because I felt like it would give more of a mood than total silence. I always have at least one song I'm currently in love with playing in my head when I'm working on something I really like.