• Recursion is a sci-fi exploration demo accompanied by a five minute short film built in the Unity game engine. The film follows a lone spaceman who, after a sudden crash landing, arrives in a dark dimension of endless barren grassland. With resources scarce, the spaceman ventures forth, slowly discovering that he is no longer alone in this world. The interactive demo uses the same assets but allows the player to explore the world in the film as a procedurally generated landscape.

    This project was built as my senior degree project at Massart. I worked on the majority of the assets including the programming, modelling, animation, and rigging. I worked with a sound designer for the score and an SFX artist for the foley. Additionally I worked with a UI artist to built the space helmet HUD. It took about 9 months to complete, and the film was screened at the animation departmental show at the Museum of Fine Arts in the spring of 2016.
    Here is the final film:
  • Below is a screen capture of the game adaptation of "Recursion". This is an early build that uses assets from the film in a procedurally generated world: