You got this months issue of YAS! mag,
    that's dope as all hell!
    Everything in this here papersandwich is to help entertain, analyze and educate society on women's role in the media and how that affects the world. Each issue features sophisticated, successful, and sometimes sassy young women who are leading our society in the friendly feminist direction and bringing to light important issue on sex, race and gender. Overall YAS! mag strives to appreciate and analyze women's role in modern media through a feminist lens thats funny, upbeat and totally kick-ass!

  • The first section of the magazine “You Are Successful” interviews women in male dominant fields of work like technology, or in this issue comedy. They talk about their experiences, challenges and triumphs as they fight their way to success.
  • The second section, “You Aren’t A Stereotype” focuses on women breaking stereotypes of women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community. 
  • The final section is “You Are Ambitious And Sophisticated” that features feminist literature that will leave girls feeling intelligent and empowered. This magazine attempts to make feminism and empowerment a more digestible topic and helps girls realize the opportunities of their future.
  • Disclaimer: This magazine does NOT attempt to brand feminism in a certain way, as feminism has no brand; and means different things for everyone. It is simply geared towards a teen girl -- young adult age audience and attempts to lighten this heavy baggage topic so that it can be talked about in adolescence.