Design For Animators

  • The first assignment in my Design for Animators class was to pick an existing animated movie, make up a scene that was “cut from the movie”, draw a frame from that scene, and make up a new character for the scene. I chose the scene in Finding Nemo where Marlin and Dory are arguing over whether they should go through or over the trench. I thought, what if instead of Dory listening to Marlin when he insists to go over the trench, Dory keeps on insisting on going through it and they end up going their separate ways? In my “lost scene” Dory meets a sea urchin named Earnest.
  • Character turnaround for Earnest
  • Dory Meets Earnest
  • My second assignment was to design two backgrounds and then animate a lighting shift and pan for each background. I ended up using different backgrounds for the animations because I wanted to try something different.
  • Trench
  • Shallow Ocean Floor
  • Volcano Eruption on Beach
  • Underwater Volcano Eruption
  • My third assignment was to pick a quote from a live action movie and make animated type for it. I chose a quote from Mean Girls.