• The Christmas Revels: A Welsh Celebration
    Promotional Campaign for a Stage Production

    The major emphasis of this year’s graphics: a Giant Red Dragon—Y Ddraig Goch—symbolizing all things Welsh. In the second act of the Revels production, two unleashed dragons meet up in a consummate showdown—one white, the other red. The victorious red dragon, who in legend represents the kingdom of Vortigern, depicts the ascendancy of Wales over its Saxon rivals. We couldn't resist the bold, audacious, dimensional quality of this creature and the way its scale seemed uncontainable. For the past three years, our Christmas Revels graphics featured a moment of magical transcendence focusing on a central character or characters against a backdrop of larger action. Welcoming and friendly, a looming red dragon became THE central feature this year.

    Illustration: PJ Lynch   |   ©Cahoots Design
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  • Illustration: PJ Lynch   |   ©Cahoots Design