Schweitzer Mountain Rebrand

  • About Schweitzer Mountain
    Schweitzer is a ski resort and mountain hidden away in the exciting and beautiful landscapeĀ of Northern Idaho. It is a mountain with a strong community, a robust set of trails, mountain bike tracks, and hiking adventures. It is a place of discovery, escape, excitement, action, and serenity. In order to reflect these ideas and values, the brand needed to be rethought.
  • The Logomark
    The new logomark for Schweitzer Mountain is based on the topography of its peak. Every adventure at schweitzer begins in this location, so the mark is universal to the many types of people that gather to enjoy the landscape. The use of topography speaks to the adventurer and outdoorsman in all those who look out at the view from the peak.
  • The Visual Identity
    A strong logo is not enough to carry a brand, so the entire identity of schweitzer needed to be considered to reflect it's community. The new visual identity of the brand is based off the visual motif of trail maps. By breaking down trail maps into a kit of their parts, the brand was able to be built based on color, marks, typography, layout, and treatment.
  • Applications
    After developing the logo, brand values, and identity, it was important to see how these new elements would physically manifest itself into different brand applications.