Radar. - A Social Network for Gamers

  • Gaming has never had a more exciting present than today. More gamers exist than ever before and with that comes new technology, platforms, and unfortunately networks to sign up for. Meet Radar. an innovative application that streamlines your gaming life into one innovative and easy to use interface. 
  • All of your, and your friends, content in one place. Streams, videos, screenshots, and even achievements can be found under the Home Stream, where you can comment and like on your friends latest gaming moments, and even hop directly into their livestream on twitch within Radar. A singe location for your gaming life.
  • The notifications feature alerts you to what your friends are doing. You can favorite other player's profiles and get popup notifications on your phones lock screen when they go online, enter a game, or start streaming. Never miss a raid, a memory, or an unforgettable stream again.
  • Finally. One place for all of your chat rooms from all of your networks. From Xbox Live to Steam your conversations are accessible in Radar's convenient chat feature. You can even send messages to any service while your friends are in-game directly from Radar. Chat simplified.
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  • Try It Out!
    Unfortunately Behance doesn't support invision prototype embedding at the moment
    But don't fear! Here's a link to the final prototype for all to try. 
    you can also check out the Radar. splash site here.