Brienne of Tarth

  • This piece is another "draw along with my students" vector drawing. Students were to draw a person (living, dead, or fictional) who inspires them. They had a week to do a complex, representational vector drawing using a range of references.
    I picked Brienne of Tarth because she's the role model I never had as a kid. Women were always relegated to love interests and damsels in distress in all of the books, shows, and games I liked when I was growing up. Whenever I played knights and wizards and such on the playground, the boys tried to make me cower in the jungle gym so they could save me. I always refused, because I could save my own damned self, thank you very much. Then I'd grab a stick sword and smack them around to prove that I was a better pretend-knight than any of them. 
    If I had had access to characters like Brienne I might have known that it was actually pretty cool to be the strong, aggressive little girl I was. More characters like her, please.
  • Vector drawing in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Hand detail. I love swords, and Oathkeeper was especially enjoyable to draw.
  • Face detail.
  • References and layers.
  • Vector outlines.
  • Process shots. I took a screencap at the end of every workday.