• The Box
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    A girl is trapped in a box - or, is she? This experimental, surrealist 16mm/HDV short follows Luna as she listlessly travels through different environments, trying to find a way out of 'the box' in which she is trapped. However, this dreamlike journey takes the girl in a circle, and one door simply leads to another - does she truly find her way out?

    All double-exposure was done with film in-camera. Footage digitally transferred.

    2013 | Best Student Film Nominee, Action On Film Int'l Festival, Monrovia CA
    2013 | The Morehead Int'l Independent Film Festival, part of KET & PBS, Kentucky
    2012 | Film & Video All School Show, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston MA
    2012 | Dances With Speed (2011), Get Your Shoot Together, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Boston MA

  • What happens when a 'robber' wants a ride to the bank? 'The Robber' follows a young man as he heads home for the night – but he is 'taken for a ride' by a robber…

    2014 | REVOLUTION, RAW: Natural Born Artists, Club Rumor, Boston MA
    2013 | Boston Local Student Spotlight, Filmshift Festival, Somerville Theatre, Somerville MA
    2012 | Get Your Shoot Together, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Boston MA
  • Cemetery Writer: The Door

    'Cemetery Writer' follows the mental deterioration of a writer unable to put her thoughts into words, slowly slipping away from reality and into her own mind...

    A 16mm film shot with a Bolex camera and digitally edited, the footage is a digital recording of the film projected against a wall. The soundtrack was created in time to match the visuals.

    2013 | Selezione Analogica (Analog Selection), South Tyrol, Italy
    2012 | The MOM Show, curated by Julie Chen, MassArt Student Life Gallery, Boston MA
    2011 | Short & Sweet, Wildlife Preserve Summer Film Series, Cambridge MA
    2010 | Beat Research Electronic Music Show, The Enormous Room, Cambridge MA