• AFRICA STRONG – Ebola Outbreak 2014
    This is an interactive piece about the current outbreak and history of Ebola. This piece gives the user background information about Ebola and some factors that may have contributed to the outbreak of 2014 and so on. 
    The information included in this piece are literacy rates, population, health spending, and how the world responsed to the outbreak. This piece would be found online on the Africa Strong website. 
  • Opening page of infographic on Ebola 
  • Tutorial of how to use infographic 
  • The tutorial lets the user know how and what they can interact with. The user can click on different countries, scrub through a timeline and also click on the Global Response button to learn more about Ebola.   
  • Interactive home page
  • Hover over any country to learn specifics about each country 
  • Guinea's main page
  • Scrub through different time periods to learn about Ebola in each year
  • The Ebola Outbreak in 1976