Resurgence is a campaign, poster series and website focused on the promotion of good, authentic Hip-Hop. Being that the media pushes a more diluted version of “Hip-Hop”, The Resurgence movement opposes mainstream and pushes for quality Hip-Hop music. 
    This movement aims to bring back what Hip-Hop used to be, by the promotion of inspiring artists with great messages as well as good artists in general . Not only does this movement promote artists, but also promotes inspiring messages. 
  • Resurgence home page
  • Inspirational artists page
  • Nas' playlist page
  • Nas' albums page
  • The history of Hip-Hop page
  • Artists page
  • Resurgence Poster  (featuring Tupac, Nas, Lauryn Hill)
  • Tupac poster
  • The posters incorporate inspiring Hip-Hop artists with positive, informative, and empowering messages. These posters are meant to inform and empower. The website includes the history of Hip-Hop, inspirational artists and current artists. 
  • "Who You Callin' A Bitch" Queen Latifah poster
  • "I Know I Can" Nas poster