Divestment Day, Boston, 2015: Youth-Led Panel

  • This video was taken at the youth-led rally and panel for International Divestment Day held at the State House in Boston, Massachusetts. Divestment Day was held on February 12, 2015 and consisted of lobbying, peaceful marching and rallying, and speeches from local activists. This video focuses on the concluding segment of the day which included youth speakers from Alliance for Climate Education (ACE). 
    Attendance of activst events and community service was required for a class I took, Sustainability in Art & Design. After spending a few hours listening to what these students had to say, it was at the very least a restoration in faith and inspiration that I had been looking for for quite some time. Without a doubt, I felt energized after engaging in discussion and hearing motivational words that seemed to be quite genuine from these young educators. Making this video was not only a pleasure, but also so important to make sure their voices were translated in a way that could be shared over and over again.