INCLIMATE, The storms of Massachusetts

  • INCLIMATE: The Storms of Massachusetts

    Interactive Database Concept | Spring 2015

    The winter of 2015 was one of much discussion in the New England region of the U.S. But there was more than just snow occurring. INCLIMATE is an interactive database concept highlighting major storms to hit the state of Massachusetts since the 1870’s, when the first severe weather warning system was established in the United States.

    Intended to be a resource for storm information and forecasting history, INCLIMATE has the potential to be an ongoing database and archive beyond the state limits. Each passing year would introduce new storms into its collection and include photo documentation and forecasting milestones as well as preparation tactics for major storms. One of the goals of INCLIMATE is to preserve historical information on storms and forecasting, as it tends to get lost or lose value as time goes on.

    (best viewed on desktop)

    Note: There is a set path for navigating the storms section of the interface, it is designed to show the multiple features within it. Please use the hints and remember some hover items are click-able in designated areas.
  • INCLIMATE is divided into 4 major storm types, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Nor’easters, and Winter Storms.
    Users can select to view any of the types on a time line. 
  • Users also have the option to compare two storms to one another by checking off the compare option located on an expanded storm.
    The time line itself may be adjusted to show a selection of years and the monthly/ seasonal trends of the storms in Massachusetts.
  • The last feature of the interface is access to the photo gallery, this section also divides the storm types and permits users to browse,
    search, and even upload a photo for a particular storm, adding to the archive and contributing to the history of storms.
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